Our Expertise


Sedra Global Consultancy specializes in criminal financial investigative services and resolving any financial disputes that arise.

Sedra works with highly specialized experts to fill a void in the investigative financial sector as well as global debt recovery. Our edge comes from a global coverage, the combined experience of our specialized teams, and our grasp of local dealings and affairs. We offer genuine expertise, efficient service and timely advice on a global scale.

We also focus on loss and damage valuations in commercial disputes and provide assistance to your legal team.

Excellence in our field is highly dependent on localized experience. Our office has acquired extensive knowledge and insight into Middle Eastern, North African, European and North American practices and intricacies. Wherever our cases take us, we know exactly where to look.

Our client base ranges from international law firms and multinational corporations to sovereign entities and governmental agencies.

Our Expertise


Sedra has experience in unfolding fraud cases that are international in scope, focusing on forensic accounting, computer forensics, asset tracing and investigations. Our international affiliate offices render us global in our reach.

Our team of international experts can assist you in corruption investigations and in providing you effective out-of-the-box solutions, to meet your various challenges and needs.

Our offices and global network are staffed with former intelligence analysts, financial experts, forensic accountants, former law enforcement officials and investigators throughout the globe. Our main investigators are retired FBI, DEA, US Prosecutors, MI 5 and MI 6.

Our services include:
• Fraud Investigations
• Forensic Accounting
• Computer Forensics
• Asset Tracing
• Financial Due Diligence


Fraud Investigations

Sedra conducts a variety of local and international financial investigations. 

Fraud investigations involve a variety of steps designed to protect the business, minimize disruptions, and preserve evidence. Our fraud investigations deploy expert resources to find perpetrators, uncover fraud & bring closure through supporting the legal team or restitution. These cases often involve offenses such as:

• Money Laundering
• Insurance Fraud
• Embezzlement
• Kickbacks
• Accounting Fraud
• Conflicts of interest
• Corruption
• Misappropriation of proprietary information and intellectual property

Forensic Accounting

Our firm has assembled an array of forensic accounting, investigative and the intelligence resources necessary to support multinational companies and their financial and legal counsel around the world.

Our resources include experts covering multiple sectors, with prominent knowledge and collaborative experiences that adhere to the clients’ needs.Our services will support you on:

•Bankruptcy and insolvency cases
•Uncover financial fraud
•After mergers Dispute
• Determining economic damages suffered by a company through contract breach

Computer Forensics

Support in investigations and litigation through “electronic discovery.”

Our computer forensic specialists use a variety of tools in uncovering evidence such as , but not limited to:
• Deleted emails, forged emails, text messages, electronic documents, and decrypting photographs on both computers as well as mobile devices.
• Uncovering online anonymity, including email addresses, IP addresses and VPN tracing.
• Collecting and analyzing a website’s hidden data.
• Recreating timelines of activities on computers including the websites history and decrypting password-protected files.
• Unearthing digital footprints.
• Uncover hidden information believed lost or wiped either accidentally or maliciously.
• Fabrication of electronic documents and email.

Asset Tracing

Our asset tracing services are explicitly designed to identify, trace, freeze and recover financial assets.

We have extensive resources to track down and recover what is rightfully yours. Our international team works with foreign partners all over the world to find hidden valuables and debtors around the world.

Sedra’s trained asset tracing specialists can help with:
• Uncovering undeclared bank accounts.
• Missing, misappropriated or concealed corporate and property assets.
• Assets hidden by ownership of related individuals, companies, or corporate entities.
• Offshore assets & property.
• Stocks and shares.

Financial Due Diligence

Sedra Global Services aids in the investigation of a business or person prior to signing a contract.

Investigative analysis relating to background and reputation checks of individuals and companies prior to signing of contracts or agreements, acquisitions, financing, high-level hires, and board appointments. Equipped with reliable information, our clients can be able to form reliable strategic decisions.

We identify risk-relevant issues impacting integrity and reputation, such as:
• Prevailing Legal disputes
• Financial troubles
• Regulatory actions
• Undisclosed relationships
• assessing valuations of mergers and acquisition (Before the mergers)

Sedra also verifies the professed qualifications and track records of people and companies with whom our clients are considering dealing with.

Our Expertise


Our recovery services can lead to the monetization of your legal title. Sedra's customized solutions include the funding of international litigation and arbitration, debt recovery, trade receivables and investment of defaulted debt.

At Sedra distressed debt is collected for you, either by legal enforcement or through amicable solutions:

1. Risk Management
Sedra’s highly experienced financial and intelligence professionals help companies manage the risk, time and cost of litigation and arbitration, and ensure the recovery of your defaulted debt or claim.

2. Funding Solutions
Our funding efforts bring together claim owners who wish to obtain financing for the costs of pursuing their claims with a capital provider.

3. Bringing Success
A successful recovery is achieved through our integrated approach whereby we combine legal action to attach assets in favourable jurisdictions worldwide.


Debt Recovery

Sedra Global will be eminent in focusing on the recovery of claims and adhering to lengthy litigation and/or other dispute resolution efforts, enabling the client to focus on their businesses .

Claims include:

1. Claims against sovereign entities arising from contract frustration or disregard of a guarantee by such an entity.
2. Claims against corporate entities, such as debt issued or guaranteed by private corporate entities in these countries and ;
       • Defaulted bank debt evidence
       • Claims arising from court judgment

Recovery is achieved through:

1. An amicable solution: We evaluate and manage debt swaps, conversions and buy-back programs as well as arrange legal workouts in the restructuring and rescheduling of defaulted debt.
2. Legal enforcement : In such cases, our firm will engage, manage, and coordinate a full recovery process on a contingent fee base.

Litigation Finance

Litigation finance treats litigation claims as financeable assets. Sedra combines litigation financing with best practices and tools utilized by investigators, lawyers, forensic accountants, and consultants to create the best possible outcome for our clients.

Claimants typically request funding to cover litigations costs as recoveries can become long and costly, and the claimant either:

    1.  Lacks sufficient capital to cover the costs of litigation

    2.  Does not want to divert cash-flow from its business to cover the costs of litigation

    3.  Wants to mitigate the risk of litigation by selling a portion of the potential upside to be derived from the claim.

Our Expertise


Financial matters have a tendency to quickly inflame the parties involved, with the stakes being direct gains or losses. Tensions can also be exacerbated when dealing with past partners, family members, coworkers, and businesses and corporations . Construction projects are long-term transactions with high levels of uncertainty and complexity.

Sedra has experience representing the interests of all parties including; contractors, owners, architects, engineers, employees, subcontractors, suppliers, insurers, and financing institutions.

Our team can greatly assist in dispute resolution through:

1. Mediation
2. Arbitration
3. Litigation



Financial Disputes

Sedra Global has helped numerous clients through financial disputes in securing their claims and financial retribution. Our clientele includes privately owned companies, large corporations, and high net-worth individuals.

Common types of financial disputes include:
• Inheritance
• Embezzlement
• Misrepresentation
• Money laundering
• Fraud (corporate & individual)
• Breach of contract
• Ponzi schemes
• Bribery
• Extortion

Sedra is experienced in preparing reports and supporting evidence for all the above in the court-appointed financial experts departments, by preparing all claims and financial documents. Claims may be supported or even established by admission evidence or by factual evidence which links reimbursable events with individual instances of disruption, and what the disruption costs are.

Sedra Global also helps with specifications and technical document development, schedule reporting and analysis, cost analysis, negotiations, and expert witness testimony.


Construction Disputes


Our team focuses on loss and damage calculation, fact-finding, data analytics, claims/dispute analysis and management, and litigation support in construction disputes to help our clients win their cases.

Some of the most common types of construction disputes are :
• Cost overruns
• Failure of compliance with the preset project standards 
• Delay claims
• Defective work disputes
• Collection claims
• Extra work orders
• Field changes
• Unforeseen circumstances & lack of precision in the contract description
• Termination of contract

Disputes also can arise out of financing and real estate development contracts and the associated duties imposed on the contracting parties by law.

We collect all necessary documents and information related to the potential case, including documents related to work done and payments made, all correspondence, and information about work done to legitimize any claims.

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